Mountain Language and Landscape

In Tandem TC’s inaugural production in 2000 was a pioneering double bill of Pinter’s Mountain Language and Landscape, translated and performed entirely in British Sign Language by Deaf and hearing actors. Other hearing actors voiced the spoken text from the audience synchronising with and responding to the BSL interpretation of the onstage performances. A preparatory workshop was held prior to the production. For more information on the workshop and a video extract see BSL workshop.

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Beth: Caroline Parker
Duff: Frank Essery
Voice of Beth: Jeni Draper
Voice of Duff: Simon Whitehouse

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Mountain Language
Young Woman: Jeni Draper
Elderly Woman: Caroline Parker
Sergeant: Neil Fox
Officer: Simon Whitehouse
Guard: Frank Essery
Prisoner: Steven Webb
Second Guard: Lee O’Brien
Hooded Man: Simon Whitehouse
Women: Clare Angel, Mary Farragher, Sandra Mills
Voices: John Paton

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Director: Jessica Higgs
: Kate Owen
Lighting: Aideen Malone
Stage Manager: Joni Carter
Production Consultant: Jenny Sealey
BSL consultant: Jean St Clair
Video made by Disability Arts Forum
Camera crew and editors: Juan delGado and Caglar Kimyonchu
Production photos: Sarah Ainslie
Flyer design: Marek Eminowicz

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‘Harold Pinter’s plays take on a new depth and meaning in this intriguing double bill…it is like seeing the manifestation of layer upon layer of hidden emotion as what is said, and what is meant and felt, the external and the internal, slide into each other in dramatic harmony…not just a quirky experiment but the real thing.’ The Guardian

‘What’s striking about Jessica Higgs’ revelatory production, is the way in which Pinter’s words are communicated as fluently and dramatically as you are ever likely to witness.’ Time Out ‘…wondrously fulfilling…’ Independent on Sunday

Time Out Critics’ Choice

The production was recorded by BBC’s Arena and the National Video Archive Performance for the V&A. To arrange a viewing, go to, click ‘follow link’ and enter Mountain Language under Title Browse, or contact me directly to arrange a viewing.

Date: December 2000
Venue: Ovalhouse
Funding : Regional Arst Lottery Programme, Royal Victoria Hall Foundation, BSkyB

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