The Wandsworth Warmers

The Wandsworth Warmers was a dramatic cabaret that produced three shows, The Wandsworth Warmers, Christmas Carol Concert and Unbridled Passions, and made numerous appearances in London at a range of venues including the Piccadilly Theatre, NT Lyttleton Platform, Drill Hall, BAC and New End between 1984-86. The idea was the brainchild of Su Elliott and Pippa Sparkes and eventually became associated with themselves, Sally Green and Buffy Davis (Wandsworth Warmers), Bryony Lavery (Warmer writer/director) and myself (Piano Warmer/composer).

Comprised of sketches and songs the content of the shows was about being unemployed actors in Thatcher’s Britain and the private lives and passions of the Warmers themselves. The songs were all in the style of someone or something else – pastiches. For example, Eine Kleine Woodlouse, was inspired by Brecht/Weil’s Surabaya JohnnyHello England (sadly not recorded for posterity), a rousing patriotic number of Elgarian pomp; and the sensitive Requiem, Wandsworth Eleison, courtesy of Faure.

For more information see The Wandsworth Warmers page on the Unfinished Histories website.

Eine Kleine Woodlouse

The Manicurist

Wandsworth Eleison

The Newt

Voices: Buffy Davis, Su Elliott, Sally Green, Pippa Sparkes
Piano: Jessica Higgs

Words: Bryony Lavery
Music: Jessica Higgs

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