Mummy is a one act opera composed in 1987. The libretto by Bryony Lavery and was originally conceived as piece of Experimental Theatre. At the time of its composition it had two rehearsed readings and was recorded but still awaits its premiere. With a nod to Lorca and The House of Bernarda Alba, it is the tale of a Matriarch (Martina) and her four daughters (Inez, Julia, Catherine, Little Eva), living together in stifling conditions somewhere hot. The characters of the daughters are based on famous deceased women who suffered some kind of mummification. For instance, Julia Pastrana, known as the Ugliest Woman in the World, toured with Freak shows in Victorian times and continued to do so, mummified, even after death. Below are a quartet and four arias.

Quartet – the daughters sing of their house

Each daughter describes her own room and where it is in the house, revealing their ambitions and relative positions within the household.

Inez’s aria

Julia’s aria

Catherine’s aria

Little Eva’s aria

Music: Jessica Higgs
Words: Bryony Lavery

Julia: Melanie Marshall
Narrator: Marilyn Cutts
Conductor: Jessica Higgs
Piano: Timothy Higgs

It is with many apologies I have to admit I have lost the names of the other fine artists who sang the roles of Martina, Inez, Catherine and Little Eva. If any happen upon this please do get in touch.

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